Why us?

During last years I have consulted many patients who were searching for the highest quality medical services with latest technologies for the treatment of their conditions. Often patients were ready to travel whenever it was necessary including long travels outside borders of their home-lands. Additionally during last years I have contacted and established collaboration with best specialists from different countries.

That inspired me to create one place where all oncology patients can receive assistance and help to prepare and organize everything what is necessary to receive best available oncology services wherever it is located without exhausting efforts from themselves.

"Baltic Oncology Center" is trade mark of Auxilium Plus. Tell us your health problem and we will take care of it. That is Axilium Plus - more than just medical services. Auxilium in latin means help and with Plus is described something what is more than additional.

Tell us your problem and we will be your guide to best oncology professionals and all available medical technologies around the Baltic see and even further!