Consultation of medical oncologist

Sigita Hasnere Dr.

Modern oncology is reading tumor genes seeking for particular alterations and tumor markers what allows for most precise decision-making about the appropriate chemotherapy agents. Dr.Hasnere is one of the leading specialist in for cancer genetics-guided chemotherapy. Dr.Hasnere will suggest most appropriate genetic and molecular tests to find information what will target the cancer and stop its growth whenever it is possible with available chemotherapy, targeted therapy or immunotherapy agents.

Consultation of radiation oncologist

Maris Mezeckis Dr., MBA

I am a radiation oncologist with experience in work both with modern linear accelerator both other modern radiotherapy technologies such as robotic radiosurgery system and nuclear medicine. My special focus of interest is prostate cancer. Topic of my scientific work in University of Latvia is about the role of radiosurgery in treatment of high risk prostate cancer. However, beside above mentioned I have wide connections with radiation oncologists from all Baltic countries and other European countries to offer patients the most appropriate treatment methods both in radiotherapy both other oncology specialties. High quality work in radiation oncology requests precise investigation methods therefore I have established close connections with the most sophisticated diagnostic centers. Apply your medical data and I will help myself or help to find the most appropriate specialist, investigation or treatment method.

Consultation of other oncology specialists

Cancers cells can rise in every tissues, every organ or can spread to any organ or tissues. Therefore oncology requests multidisciplinary collaboration. There are three primary treatment methods in treatment of oncological diseases: surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. However surgery is very specific to every organ system therefore surgeons who routinely is performing breast surgery usually will not do abdominal surgery. Thoracic surgery is performed by the thoracic surgeons, eye surgery is performed by the ophthalmologists with appropriate specialization and experience and so on. Additionally, availability of modern technologies is differs from country to country and from hospital to hospital. Only sufficient experience in particular field allows to find best possible combination of specialists and modern oncology technologies. We will help you! Our colleagues and collaboration partners will join together to offer you best solution for your particular condition!