Why gynecological surgery is very specific?

Gynecological surgery in oncology is special branch of surgery where doctors must have special skills both in laparoscopic, both in open surgery and specific competences in decision-making. Usually gynecologists working with general population provides basic diagnostics and screening for oncology diseases, but do not perform surgical operation if oncology has been detected. This is due to the fact that surgical operations in gynecology requests very specific skills. Interventions in outpatient gynecology clinics differs a lot from these used in gynecological oncology. In some countries special qualification are required and in some even separate specialization is required to perform surgical operations in gynecological oncology. We will guide You to the best professionals in this field who are working with latest technologies based on latest scientific evidence and NCCN guidelines.

Request your medical data from the institution where initial diagnosis has been set, send to us, we will advice if additional investigations will be necessary and will organize consultation to specialist with highest competence in necessary field.