Prostate tumor biopsy under magnetic resonanse control

The key to successful prostate cancer treatment is exact diagnosis, which is based on accurate biopsy - taking a sample directly from the tumor tissue. In most cases, such a tumor sample is taken in the practice of urologists under the control of ultrosonography. At the same time, the prostate is well visualized, but the tumor itself is not always successfuly seen. Using the benefits of magnetic resonance imaging, it is also possible to accurately visualize tumor, its location in the prostate, and ensure that the biopsy is taken directly from the tumor tissue. This assures doctor that the sample is taken directly from the tumor and to perform morphological examinations, and thus to choose the most efficient and accurate treatment method.

Until this in baltic States patient did not had a possibility to perform this kind of manipulation, but as clinics and diagnostic methods are developing, today patients have the possibility to perform this manipulation!

With the help of an innovative, fully MRI-compatible robot, the doctor can take a sample directly from the tumor, using the benefits of magnetic resonance imaging in organ imaging.
Using this biopsy method, you will get:
  • most advanced approach to biopsy or sample taking techniques;
  • you will be sure that the sample has been taken directly from the prostate tumor; 
  • based on the morphological examination of the sample, you will receive recommendations for the most effective treatment method!
To get more familiar with the procedure in more detail, watch the video below!